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NZIFST - The New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology
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NZIFST's RECORDINGS - Talks, Webinars

Webinar - 7th September 2021 - "Sous vide"

Webinar - 5th August 2021 - "Food Smoking: The Science behind the Art" (This is available in the members only area)

Webinar - 20th July 2021 - "Spray Drying of Sticky Products"

CY Branch - 15th June 2021 - "Export non-conformance and recall" 

FED Talk - 11th May 2021 - Food Microbiology and Safety  (Fast forward to 28 mins for start of presentation)

FED Talk - 14th April 2021: Measurements in the Meat Industry (Fast forward to 11 mins for start of presentation)

Webinar March 2021: "New allergen labelling rules: impact of the new code"

2020 JC Andrews Award - Winner's Address - Dr Phil Bremer: "The Rewards and Challenges of Industry Focussed Research"

FED TALK - 2nd March 2021:  "Membrane Separation Technology in the Dairy Industry"  [Fast forward to ~27 minutes for start of the presentation]

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