Understanding and controlling changes in foods during processing and storage
Richard L. Earle and Mary D. Earle
Originally published by Leatherhead Food International and the Royal Society of Chemistry
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Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology
This is the free web edition of a textbook originally intended as a companion text to Unit Operations in Food Processing. It was first printed in 2003, and is still available to purchase in hard copy.

This book explores quantitatively the transformation of raw materials into finished foods, leading towards better control of processing and higher and more uniform food quality.

The authors, Dick Earle and Mary Earle, with the kind permission of the copyright holder Leatherhead Food International, give permission to download and print any part or all of the text for any nonprofit purposes. Content can be printed by individual page, or as complete Chapters.

Funding, publication and hosting for the book is provided by the New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology (NZIFST). The web edition has been prepared by Chris Newey of Foodworks.

This web edition of Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology is given by Dick and Mary Earle, with the support of the NZIFST, as a service to education in food technology, and to the wider food industry.

Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology - the Web Edition


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