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Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology

Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology - the Web Edition
By Richard L. Earle and Mary D. Earle

Understanding and controlling changes in foods during processing and storage

This is the free web edition of a textbook originally written by the authors as a companion text to the popular Unit Operations in Food Processing, published in 2003 by Leatherhead Food International and the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology
 was based on New Zealand experience and teaching of reaction technology in food processing, which was combined in a text for post-graduate students and presented in southern Thailand. The present edition was written for food technologists in industry, but it is essentially an introductory course in reaction technology for all interested in food technology, food engineering and food science.

Raw materials undergo many chemical, physical, microbiological changes during the unit operations of food processing. This book explores the changes that take place during the transformation of raw materials into finished foods, leading towards better understanding of the reactions that take place, better control of processing, and higher and more uniform food quality. 

Study of these reactions is grouped under the heading of reaction technology, the subject of Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology. The treatment is at the same introductory level as Unit Operations, and with the same quantitative emphasis. 

Funding, publication and hosting for the book is provided by the New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology (NZIFST). 

This web edition of Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology is given by Dick and Mary Earle, with the support of the NZIFST and kind permission of the copyright holders, Leatherhead Food International Limited, as a service to education in food technology, and to the wider food industry.

Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology - the Web Edition
By Richard L. Earle and Mary D. Earle

The Print Edition 

Fundamentals of Food Reaction Technology
By Richard L. Earle and Mary D. Earle
ISBN No: 1 904007 53 8
Format: Paperback 
187 pages

Print edition first published 2003 by:

Leatherhead Food International Limited
Randalls Road, 
Surrey KT22 7RY, 


Royal Society of Chemistry,
Thomas Graham House, Science Park, 
Milton Road, 
Cambridge CB4 0WF,

Copies of the paperback book can be purchased online from either of the above organisations' websites.


Richard Earle and Mary Earle

Mary D. Earle, OBE, Professor Emeritus, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

At Massey University Mary Earle introduced product development courses into the food technology degree, and eventually organised the first four-year degree in product development in New Zealand. She also helped to introduce food technology and product development degrees in five universities in Thailand.

Her involvement with the New Zealand food industry has been extensive, in meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, fish, bakery and snack foods companies. It included over three hundred company funded and associated student product development projects with many different companies, and the development of a Food Technology Research Centre that aided the food companies' development projects.

Richard L. Earle, NZOM, Professor Emeritus, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Richard Earle was Head of the Department of Process and Environmental Technology and Dean of the Faculty of Technology at Massey University. Trained as a chemical engineer and in operations research, he worked in the Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand. He then became Foundation Professor of Biotechnology at Massey University and was concerned with the processing of biological materials across a wide range of products and industries including foods and pharmaceuticals.

He wrote a pioneering textbook on Unit Operations in Food Processing, used throughout the world. He has taught reaction technology courses at undergraduate and graduate levels, and in industrial seminars in New Zealand, Canada, Thailand and Australia. He has been involved with the manufacturing industry, including the development of a pharmaceutical company using meat by-products in New Zealand, and has also authored or co-authored many papers and a number of books.

In 2018, both Mary and Richard Earle  were awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Massey University.
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